Keshab Pudasaini - Kenwits Consultancy

Keshab Pudasaini has received MBA with specialization in Financial Management from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. A critical analysis of privatization of public enterprises in context to Nepal was the main area of specialization while he pursued his first MBA degree in 1999 and after a while, his professional career was started at the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare, SOCIAL WELFARE COUNCIL (SWC), Kathmandu Nepal. Mr Pudasaini has a decade long experiences in the financial administration and budgeting during the period of SWC services. He received several opportunities in the areas of management, accounting and budgeting, HRM and other field to participate national and international meeting, conferences, seminars, workshops as a representative of SWC.  In addition, Mr Pudasaini has participated as a member of task force as formed by the government of Nepal, SWC and National/International non-government Organization (N/INGOs) during his service period. Several community based non-government organizations received his expertise mostly in the community awareness, participation in local development and project report writing and budgeting. Mr Pudasaini has had long experience on undergraduate level faculty lecturer of accounting and finance in several colleges in the Kathmandu Nepal. During his teaching period, his affiliation mostly found on the Rehdon College, Kathmandu, Manamohan Memorial College, Kathmandu, Rainbow International College, Kathmandu and Darwin Academic College Kathmandu. The second MBA from the University of Sunderland (SOU) with the specialization of Business Strategy and International Business. His expertise mostly focus on the business strategy and environment, CSR, business ethics, Strategic Human Resource Management and its subsidiary areas; Recruitment and Selection, Motivation, satisfaction and training. Further, had been worked as a member of management team at the Budgens Store Ltd UK since the 2010 December to 2013 November. His several academic and non-academic articles, reports and contribution regularly can be found on the national and international journals and publications.  Recently, Mr Pudasaini has been working as a fulltime Consultant Director at the Kenwits Consultancy Ltd, UK since 2013.

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